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🎶 When you have a writers block… and then WRITE A SONG ABOUT IT! —> NOW on YouTube! 🍀

Song, called “Music is your friend” talks about a struggle I had with a writers block a while ago and how I overcame it with simply facing it, had some chat with it and in the end writing a song about it 🎶 📝

It’s something that I wrote before the Eagle EP came out and is quite different from what I normally write.

Felt a little bit sceptical of posting it on the internet since it sounds pretty different. For now I just did a live performance.

Not planning to record it professionally, but still wanted to share it with you, since it can have some meaning of overcoming an obstacle. Doesn’t have to be just a writers block but any obstacle in our lives. 

We are capable of so many wonderful things, to do beyond our limits. With this song I’m just sharing something that happened to me and saying that anything is possible, if we’re willing to try. Agree? 🙂 

⬇️Click the image down below to watch the video.⬇️ Hope you’ll like it, the lyrics are added in the video. 

It’s gonna be weekend soon. Make the best you can with it! Blessings ❤


When you have a writers block…and then write a song about it! 🎶📝

This Thursday I’ll be sharing with you a song (on my YouTube Channel) I created some time ago (before the 🦅Eagle EP came out) when I was facing a writers block. It was a struggle I believe many artist can relate to.
And while having it, “the words of having no words” came out, and this song was created. Kinda ironic, isn’t it? 😀
I call it “Music is your friend”, because it truly is and songwriting is all I ever wanted to do. To be in touch with a good friend 💜

It’s a song that is completely different from what I usually write (new Mystical music with Reiki energy is in the process 🍀🦋) and never thought of recording it professionally, but still thought I should share it with you, because I believe many of us would love to hear more stories of how to heal and overcome our writer blocks and be inspired regularly.
I think, the best we can do is to simply face the struggle, have a little chat with it and then try to do some compromising. What do you think?

Be here on Thursday, 4th of July at 6pm CET (oh my, it’s Independence day in the US, right? American friends, how will you celebrate it? 😀 )

P.S.: I added lyrics in the video, thought it might be interesting to read the words beside it 🙂

I Translated A Song!

Hello there! Hope you’re having an amazing Sunday 🙂

Summer is almost around the corner and I’m already planning new things to create in the nature ambient. Feeling kinda overwhelmed, but super excited at the same time 😀

But for now I want to go back a little bit. A while ago I released a Slovenian Single, called “Pomlad”, and a few people expressed the wish they would love to understand the lyrics, so I decided to translate them.

And not only that, I also decided to perform and English version for you! 😉

So here you go, hope you’ll like this simple version of the song 😉

P.S.: the song starts at 0:27
P.P.S.: Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more music and other special content.

Few words about me in a German blog! <3

Haha, this news just got me so excited, so this is the best what I came up with the title 😀

Today a really special person really made my day. Angela, the author of the German blog “Für Dreadlocks keine Altersbeschränkung” wrote a few words about me and my music and also a little bit about our little country in the South, Slovenia.

Thank you, Angela, for these wonderful words ❤

Here you go, and enjoy the reading.

🍀”Pomlad” is here! 🍀

I’m so happy to announce that my new Single, called “Pomlad” is here!

Listen to a Slovenian Ethereal Acoustic song about Spring time, that originally has it’s roots from the 60’s, when it was performed by Marjana Deržaj, now re-arranged in a completely different way. Enjoy and wish you a wonderful Spring time, no matter where you are ☀️🌸🌼


New single coming out this week!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post. I was working on a new single, that will come out this week. Even though I would love to post more about the process while creating, somehow I always end up posting nothing at all. It’s like I’m in a state or zone, where I can only think about that project and nothing else. And can’t stop ’till I’m done ^_^ .

Now I am proud to announce that finally the time has come! 🙂 on May the 3rd I’ll introduce you to “Pomlad”.


The single I’ll be releasing this week is written in my maternal language (Slovenian) and it actually has its roots from the 60’s. The song was originally performed by a Slovenian singer Marjana Deržaj.

Pomlad is a Slovenian word for Spring and it talks about the Spring time and welcoming her into our lives. And since now is a Spring time, I can’t see a better reason to recreate the song in my own mystical way.

The reason why I recorded this song is because in March I was invited to perform at a Spring meditation. The host had a wish to sing something in Slovene and I asked her if she has any particular wish in her mind. And she said “Zvončki in trobentice” by Marjana Deržaj. As I started to learn the song, I couldn’t help but arranged it in entirely different way. I really enjoyed the version that I made, and the people at the Spring meditation loved it as well. So I decided I should record it and share it with everyone 🙂

Except the lyrics the entire song is arranged in a completely new way. If you like New Age Ethereal Acoustic music, be sure to come around on May 3rd! 😉
For now the music video will be posted on my Facebook site.

See you there ❤

Your gut is usually right.

Based on my recent experiences I wanted to write a bit about our gut instinct. How many of you listen to your gut? Usually the gut is mostly used in a moment of huge stress, when you need to act fast in order to avoid a situation, right?

But what about listening to your gut just when you need to decide on something? Doesn’t matter how big decision it is. It can just be a decision, what kind of present do you want to give to your friend. Or it can be a major one, when you want to decide, which path in life do you want to take, with whom do you want to hang out, or what is that you want to achieve in your life.

In these kind of situations is more difficult to listen to your gut instinct. Mainly because of the busy everyday lives, where we’re filled with many thoughts, that can blur our judgement towards a certain situation. Sometimes the instinct is also ignored. Why? Because sometimes we come across a situation that is much more comfortable than listen to your own gut. Gut instinct isn’t usually the simplest or pleasant thing to do. On the contrary, it can be quite difficult. And when it’s difficult, you may wonder, if this is the right thing to do. Sometimes we think we aren’t going the right way, because of all the obstacles we face when we follow our gut instinct. Been there, done that. But for now, for what I’ve seen, it’s worth the ride!

It can take some time before you realize you did the right thing when you listened to your gut, but once you pass the obstacles, everything gets paid off. The gut is always right, even though it may seem impossible or difficult at first. It takes some patience.

Sometimes when my mind is filled with thoughts, it’s difficult to listen to it, but thanks to magical pendulums, it’s much easier to listen to it now that it was in the past. Pendulums are your best advisors when it comes to relationships, career, health or any other thing you may think of. Pendulums are basically resonating with your gut, and no matter how difficult the situation is, you always get the simplest answer: “yes” or “no”.

I’m using pendulum for over a year now, and since then my life has changed. I made a few major changes on my way, some of them were really difficult to do, like ending some relationships and changing a career path. But just recently I saw that this was the best thing I could do, and it was meant to be.

Few days ago I had a performance at a Spring meditation. And the host asked me to perform some of my own material to them. I was pretty nervous because my recorded material is filled with vocal harmonies and those harmonies have a huge impact on my songs (I think). Currently when I perform, I only use a guitar and my voice. Without the harmonies I think the songs are pretty empty. And just when I performed my first song, people in the room started to shed tears. Tears of joy. I couldn’t believe it. And the way they expressed their gratitude for me sharing music with them… I was blown away…

For years in the music business I’ve never felt such gratitude from people for what I was doing. And I guess it was because I wasn’t on the right path. I mean, I was doing music, but in different genres, with people that had different energies towards music. When I performed at this Spring meditation, I truly felt I was being authentic. And people felt that too.

What I’m trying to say is… it can be difficult, when you want to choose and discover your own, authentic path. But sooner or later there comes a point when you just realize, that this was the best thing that you could do. And when you achieve that point, you feel more alive than ever before.

I wish for each and everyone of us, to find what truly makes us happy, and decide to follow that no matter what. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. As long as it makes you happy and it allows you to simply be “you”.

Cheers to our own authentic paths, cheers to enjoying our lives! ❤

For everyone who find their inspiration in the Nature

Yesterday I came across a record that was written about women, who find their inspiration in Nature. It was written in my maternal language on the website and the original author goes by the name Ana Vehovar. This article touched me so much I decided to translate it into English, for all of you who are reading this blog. Now this record refers to women, but I would like to dedicate this one to everyone, who feel and find their inspiration in Nature:

The record is intended for women who, in the age of the cosmetic industry, media-imposed values and images of beauty, manage to preserve their reality and find strength and inspiration in nature.

“Woman, that lives with Nature,
is the one who feels best when looking at the sunrise, while she stands barefoot on the ground and is powered by the energy that is heard everywhere around it.

She is not afraid of silence or the darkness.
Her skin is not flawless and perfect but it shows that she lives her life.
Her socks are often torn and the shoes are dirty, faded and worn out.
She has scratches and wounds that have shaped her so that she is today as she is.
Sometimes she cries and yells. Sometimes she doesn’t know exactly why.

Mountains and forests know her every secret.
Her favorite dance floor is in the middle of the hay.
Sometimes she asks a tree or a river for help/power.
Even if she goes the same way every day, she’s different every day.
Sometimes it’s tough, but she’s fighting.

When fear approaches her, she goes on.
With every day she jumps over stones and skips streams more easily.
Maybe she doesn’t look like a girl from the cover, but her energy … she shines even when clouds cover the stars.

She wants more from life than just sitting in the office and doing household work.
Her adventure story never ends.
Red faces of fresh air, scattered hair from the wind, dirty pants of mud.
She doesn’t need understanding or approval of others.
She found her cure.
Oh, that happy girl. She needed some time, but she found it.”

Hope this record inspired you, it certainly did good to me 🙂
Good day everyone,


Moments of Gratitude

At this moment today I couldn’t be more grateful. You know, when there just comes a moment when you feel such gratitude inside?

The reason why I’m writing this today is simply because it got me thinking of the path that I’m currently on, and more specifically, the path that I already made.

You know, sometimes you look back in certain things, and you start to think if there were better ways to get through. Did you made the right decisions? Should you do something else instead?

Like for instance, I’m in a position where I ask my self a lot, why didn’t I start with the ideas, that I have, sooner in my life? Why was I avoiding it with different tasks, different ideas, different career oriented lifestyles, when I can see now that it was inevitable.

Like for example, I went to art college… and sometimes I think, why did I go to art college? Or maybe, why did I even go to college? When I already knew what I wanted to do. And it had nothing to do with college. You know, sometimes you think that you just wasted 6 more years on doing this, probably just because others wanted for you to do something with your life… But is that truly what you needed?

It’s a topic I could write for hours, but today I just want to make this conclusion: It was worth it! Even though I’m not doing the path that should be doing after I graduated, I learned certain skills over those 6 years, that are pretty useful in my life today.

Like you may already know, I’m a self-taught singer songwriter, musician, music composer and producer. But having only an audio product is not enough if you want to be a professional musician. You need to create your own brand. When it comes to branding, you need to have several things in mind, and one of them is DESIGN. And when I mention design, this is something, that I learned in college for 6 years and I graduated out of it.

The knowledge, the tools they provided, the attitude towards design, college gave me so much information, that I keep them deeply in my mind and heart today.

Recently I just started creating a piece of my brand by using vector design graphics.

I needed a while to get a hang of it, and through the years I kind of manage to work with it. If I look back now, and think, where would I be if I wouldn’t go to college, I think I’d missed a lot of advanced knowledge that is useful today as I’m creating my brand.

When I was creating this spiritual tree, my mind was speaking loudly in a loop. It said: “Grateful I went to art college, grateful I went to art college, grateful I went to art college….

Everything happens for a reason… Everything.
Sooner or later you get the answer.

These kind of moments inspire you so much, that you think you can do a couple of more tasks today and not wait until tomorrow or some other day. Moments of gratitude are awesome!

How often do you practice gratitude?

Have a lovely day,


A Day to Remember

Two days ago…a miracle happened. At least for me personally. But before I tell you more about this miracle, I just want to say, to all of you, who are reading this, that miracles do happen to everyone of us, we just need to allow them to happen.
This month (January), I’m doing a lot of reflection on my past events, on my life basically. This month I released my first EP, of which I’m very proud, but also I was faced with a few challenges of doubts. So I had to stop for a while and just observe my feelings. Feelings of doubt, feelings of stress; feelings, that I was receiving from the outside World, especially from people who are the closest to me. I was searching for some answers in books, YouTube vloggers and meditation.
For now, I won’t go into further details, but all I want to say is, that if you know where to look for answers, it can help you a lot. And even though I was facing a few challenges, all of a sudden a miracle happened.

And do you know what this miracle is? I was invited by an A&R Representative to go on a World tour (over 40 countries) with different bands. And it’s a charitable event. When I got that email, I thought I was dreaming. It was so SURREAL!!! A perfect dream coming into existence!

Even though I had to turn the offer down, because I know I’m not prepared to go on a tour yet, I was so grateful and honored to be a part of such an amazing experience. And to know, Universe confirms it, that everything will turn out just fine.

If you’d know my past as a singer and performer, I was never a very popular one. I had a few concerts, gigs and other performances with different bands that never had the same ambitions as I had, so after a few years we split up. And so it went ten years of trying to achieve something, but eventually it always fell apart. But now that I look back, I can see the reason behind all of it. Everything turned out just the way it had to. And I’m so grateful.

So the reason I’m writing this blog today is, just as the title says, it’s something that I need to remember. Miracles are happening, but we need to allow ourselves. In these days there are so many books that say about allowing things to happen in our lives, such as The Secret for example. But I’m more a fan of Abraham Hicks and Neale Donald Walsch. So in these days there’s no problem to find some answers in your nearest library or on your YouTube channel. And I suggest you do this. Eventually it will pay off, I promise you that.

Have a lovely day, everyone!
Much Blessings ❤